My heart belongs to Tucson.
I was born here and my life was saved here by Dr. Copeland, Dr. Goldberg and the University of Arizona Medical Center when I received open-heart surgery at eleven months. Tucsonans are a hardworking, resilient, creative, family-centered people. We are survivors. We are innovators. Together we will realize Arizona’s potential for greatness.

Arizona roots grow deeper.
My family came to Arizona five generations ago, in 1869, before we were a state. Homesteading in Mormon Lake, hard work is not something we shy away from.

My grandfather started a family business that has served Arizonans for 30 years. My grandmother founded the Career Counseling Center at the UA. They served the community faithfully and taught me that Tucson is only as strong as people that bring it to life – and those people are only as strong as the public education system.

My Mom, a single parent, worked as a public school teacher to raise me and ensure I received a quality education. Her struggles and sacrifice were my motivation to excel in school and eventually earn a Masters in Science from the London School of Oriental and African Studies.

Instead of pursuing a career solving trans-border water conflicts in the Middle East or North Africa, I returned to Tucson to care for my grandmother as she fought cancer. Her final lesson inspired me to advocate and organize my own community to shape public policy and elect candidates that share our values.

I rolled up my sleeves and never looked back. Currently, I am proud to serve on the Pima County Tucson Women’s Commission and a member of the Boards of Directors of Las Adelitas, the Arizona Women’s Political Caucus, and the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

My Academic Degrees.

Masters of Science in Violence, Conflict, and Development; London School of Oriental and African Studies
Environmental Regulation module; London School of Economics and Political Science
Dissertation: conflict mediation over transboundary bodies of water 

Cum Laude BA in Philosophy and Communications; University of San Francisco
Philosophy; Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

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